Restorative, corrective care begins with science

Skintrium’s restorative skin care collections are the result of painstaking research. We scour the scientific literature for the latest insights into skin health and skin care. Proven ingredients are then carefully combined to achieve ideal pH as well as nourish, moisturize, and correct skin tone.  

Every Skintrium product is formulated to support your healthy complexion, and can be used as long as you desire. A natural side effect will be an overall lightening of your skin tone as the gentle melanin inhibition continues.

Here are a few of our favorite ingredients, and the science behind their inclusion in some of our most brilliantly effective skin care miracles:

Sea Kelp

These natural marine plants are packed with a breathtaking range of significant health benefits. In multiple clinical studies, kelp has been shown to help prevent the damage from UV exposure, reduce inflammation, support collagen, and fight hyperpigmentation. Find Sea Kelp in our Esthetic Blend Teal products.

Micronized gold

Gold has been celebrated since ancient Egypt for its mysterious healing powers. Today, in-vitro studies show micronized gold can help to prevent oxidation and inflammation in skin cells to help maintain youthful glow and firmness. Micronized gold is a key ingredient in Ethetic Blend Oro products.

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Cauliflower mitochondria

Mitochondria are the source of power in every living cell on earth. Purified cauliflower mitochondria—the most energized fraction of the plant—offers all the elements your skin cells need to keep your own mitochrondria robustly healthy and vigorous, contributing to your complexion’s glorious luminosity.


Found naturally in the cells, peptides are strings of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and other molecules important to skin health. Peptides penetrate deep into the dermal layer to help stimulate collagen, promote healing, and reduce and heal the injury caused by UV radiation from the sun—including minimizing melanin. From the more than 600 peptides known to science, we select the handful with the most proven benefits, purified to perfection, and combine them for most dramatic effect in the Esthetic Blend Oro and Esthetic Blend Platinum moisturizers.

Sepiwhite MSH

Sepiwhite MSH is an organic compound that prevents melanin production at the cellular level. It is a safe and gentle way to prevent hyperpigmentation, or to reduce skin tone to a desired level. Unlike harsh hydroquinone, Sepiwhite is kind to skin, without drying or ageing side effects.

Bacillus/Soybean/Folic acid ferment extract

Folic Acid is a B vitamin that plays a central role in DNA synthesis and repair—essential to maintaining youthful, elastic skin. In studies, skin becomes actively thirsty for folic acid, especially after exposure to sun. Folic acid naturally fermented from soy is directly absorbed by the skin to repair and renew old UV damage, dramatically increasing firmness and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and spots.

Kojic acid

This miracle ingredient was discovered as a by-product in the fermentation of rice for sake. Kojic acid is a skin-brightening secret jealously guarded by generations of Asian beauties. It helps to produce a glowing and even-toned complexion while it reduces oxidation and inflammation to keep skin glowing with good health.

Salicylic Acid

Derived from the bark of the graceful willow, this gentle acid is a wonderful natural exfoliator. It has been used by native peoples for millennia to reduce inflammation and promote healing.